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Webinars will be held on request


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For registration details, please email regina@yourtechnicalanalyst.com.au with your email address and name.


If you experience difficulties in joining the webinar please call toll free: 1800 356 792 or 1800 194 319

When: On Request Webinars run for roughly an hour
What: 1. A market overview with a focus on the Australian Equity Market, and may include any of the overseas equity markets and the commodity and currency markets for their impact on the Australian scene.2. Buying or selling opportunities in the market
How: Using her unique style of technical analysis, developed through her more than 30 years experience in the global market arena, Regina will highlight and explain the elements affecting the price performance, accompanied by the appropriate price charts.
Then: 3. An open forum where participants can request a view on the stocks or markets they are involved in or wish to investigate. 

If it is a stock or commodity which Regina is not completely up to date with, she will render a brief outline which may include support and resistance levels and the current trend and pattern implications.

Follow up: Attendees of the webinar may request, by email, a fuller analysis of any stock mentioned during the session at a 50% discount to the normal rate. This would include the appropriate charts and explanation. 

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