Stock Analysis

Individual stock analysis suitable for trading and investing in the equity market for fully paid stocks and CFDs (Contracts for Difference)

Market Strategy

Market appraisals provided for the major world indices, the commodity, currency and debt markets with a focus on the Australian equity market.

Portfolio Services

Integrating the above market analysis to provide tailored market strategies.

Market Presentations

Skilled and animated presentations on stock and market analysis for institutional and broking houses and company AGMs

Market Psychology and Trading Tactics

Learn how to:

  • read the markets using technical analysis methodology
  • interpret the supply/demand relationships and the reasoning behind the buying and selling

Improve your trading style:

  • By using short-term trading strategies

and most importantly:

  • how to deal with your emotions as you trade.




Technical Analysis Training – private and group

All sessions include practical exercises and comprehensive notes.

Step by Step

Beginners: learn the basic concepts and theories behind technical analysis. Identify trends and basic patterns.

Intermediate: takes you further into analysis, adding moving averages and more complex patterns for recognition

Advanced: brings it all together with the addition of indicators such as the stochastic, relative strength and on balance volume and more…

A Step More:

Learn how to hone your trading techniques in the markets and utilise the synthetic markets – Contracts For Difference

CFDs are the fastest growing style of trading the market.  Find out the benefits of being able to”Short, to Index and Sector trade, Pairs trade and to tilt and strip the index.

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